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Past Adventures

Heroes don't find adventures, adventures find the heroes.

Oh the places you will go. Here you can read about all of the Falcon Crew's past adventures. This is organized in chronological order and each adventure has a title.

Things Change (Parts 1-4)
Darth Vader, a Sith lord from the Jeda Quadrant enlists in the help of a mysterious being from the Alpha Quadrant named Wizera. He begs her to help him capture a band of Rebels: Han Solo, Leia Organa, Lando Calrissian, Chewbaca, and Luke Skywalker. Wizera argees to help, throwing in the catpure of Wizra, her ex-husband as well. But things go very wrong. As Wizera continues to interogate Luke, they grow more and more attracted to each other. Finally, Luke manages to break the spell clouding Wizera's judgement, and she agrees to help him and his friends escape. A frantic chase for freedom begins, which ends up carrying Wizera and the Rebels back to the Jeda Quadrant. Chewbaca and Lando leave after serious injuries and Han Solo asks Wizera to become a part of the Falcon Crew. She agrees and begins the difficult task of making amends with Wizra.

As the Falcon Crew begins to adjust to Wizera's presence, Lordra agrees to aid Darth Vader in capturing the crew. Luke gives Wizera a lightsaber. Word finally comes that Chewbaca has decided to leave the Rebellion for a short period of time, in a pilgrimage to find his origins. With Lordra's help, Darth Vader succeeds in locating the Falcon Crew, resulting in a galactic chase, ending only when Wizera decides to "test" the new warp engines.

The Falcon crashes on the western hemisphere of Degoba. While Han, Leia, and the droids work to repair the Falcon, Luke and Wizera stumble upon The Lake. A woman rises from the waters, warning Luke to turn back. Luke and Wizera promptly dive into the waters where they discover the doorway to an afterlife for people who have died as a result of murder. After avoiding a meeting with Wizera's friend Walter, they stumble upon Madeline Skywalker and agree to help her escape, making an enemy of the possessive Ghost of the Lake who doesn't want to let her subjects go.

What Would Have Been
The crew are sucked into a parallel universe that is an exact duplicate of the Jeda Quadrant, with one difference, the Force does not exist. While trying to escape, they are horrified to find Leia's frozen corpse underneath the surface of a lake. Ben becomes disgusted when he learns that even without a Force, Wizera is still emmensely powerful. From that point on, he slowly becomes more and more disgusted with Luke's relationship to her. The crew escape by slingshooting around a blackhole. The adventure ends as Madeline tells the story of her tragic death and Luke figures out that she was killed by Darth Vader.

Leia passes out during a meal and everyone becomes concerned. She assures them that she's just a little tired, but then shocks everyone when she shoots Han in the shoulder. It turns out that Leia has been possessed by a woman named Mica, under the command of Darth Vader. She proceeds to turn the Falcon over to Imperial control. When Han, Luke, and Wizera attempt to escape, they learn that Mica is actually the princess of Endor and that she is working for Vader against her will. They help her to escape and she promises to convince the people of Endor to side with the Rebellion. She leaves and Leia wakes up with no memory of the event.

False Jedi
The crew welcome Lando back, after his recovery from his injuries, but their celebration is cut short. A vessel approaches and a woman named Lita contacts the Falcon, claiming to be a member of an elite tribe of Jedi that have been looking for Luke. Everyone is eager to welcome Lita, giddy with the prospect of a troop of Jedi, but Wizera becomes doubtful. Lita and Luke spend a great deal of time together and it becomes clear to Wizera that Lita is not a Jedi. She challenges Lita and is surprised when Lita confesses that she's not actually a Jedi, but a member of a race called Katarian Women who are desperate for male DNA to keep them alive. Lita leaves, but when Luke doesn't seek revenge, she agrees to discuss having her people endorse the Rebellion.

Forget Me Not (Parts 1-2)
A bounty hunter boards the Falcon and attempts to kill Han. When they catch the failed hunter, they remove its mask, revealing that the bounty hunter is a woman, a humanoid woman. Upon investigation, they learn that her name is Kestra and that she has half-Betazoid DNA. Wizera does some research and discovers a case of a half-Betazoid girl who disappeared twenty five years ago. When they tell Kestra that she is actually the daughter of a high ranking Betazoid official, she is resistant, telling them that her father is Boba Fett, Jabba the Hutt's most deadly assasian. The crew travel to the Alpha Quadrant to return Kestra to her long lost mother and sister, but find Boba Fett and Darth Vader hot on their trail. The crew seek refuge with the Federation and deliver Kestra into Betazoid custody. Although resistant at first, Kestra leaves with her mother, promising that she'll never try to kill Han again.

Gemed Cell
Lordra tricks the Falcon Crew into flying right into a wormhole which transports them directly to the Alpha Quadrant. He captures them and holds them hostage in a cell, threatening to kill them all one by one unless Wizera returns to him. Luke, who manages to avoid capture, ventures into the frightening world of the Ra Family in an attempt to rescue his friends and finds an unlikely ally in Wizra, Wizera's ex-husband. The two of them manage to free the rest of the crew and Wizra promises that he'll always be around to help when the Ra Family gets involved.

The wicked Tashi, an evil creature connected to the Ra Family, escapes from a transdimensional prison and immediately sets out to capture Wizera and cash in a price on her head. Tashi utlizes her power of the Doom Gaze, an ability which allows her to force any man to do her bidding. Luke, Lando, and Han all turn against Leia and Wizera, forcing them to flee to Degoba where Jedi Master Yoda protects them until Wizra manages to create a powder to reverse the affects of the Doom Gaze.

The Truth Hurts (Parts 1-2)
A mysterious woman named Gerty transports aboard the Falcon following the destruction of her ship. She quickly uses the crew's trust against them by seizing control of the ship and flying it right into Imperial space. Darth Vader and several guards board and hold everyone at gunpoint. Vader takes Luke into a separate room, not realizing that Han is there as well, and speaks to him. Han discovers that Luke is Vader's son and immediately calls him a traitor. He reports the news to the others and the lines are quickly drawn. Trapped on their own ship and turned against each other, the crew awaits sentencing from Vader. Luke reluctantly tells Leia the truth about their relationship, at Madeline's encouragement. Together, Leia, Wizera, and Luke come up with a plan to drive Vader and his troops off the ship. It succeeds. The crew returns to Rebel Space Station Hope3 where Luke and Wizera leave the ship to give the others some time to come to terms with the state of things.

Luke and Wizera meet up with the rest of the crew on the Rebel Station Founder2. As they slowly begin to accept their circumstances, Wizera and Han are caught by bounty hunters, while Wizera is without her helmet. While Luke, Lando, and Leia struggle to work together to reintegrate the Falcon Crew, Wizera and Han are forced to rely on one another to escape the bounty hunters alive. Finally, after a daring escape and the end of a catastrophic flight without a pilot, the crew bury the hatchet and Luke and Wizera move back in.

City in the Clouds
The Falcon Crew, desperate for repairs following a brutal Imperial attack, dock at an abandoned station called Cloud City. Wizera and Lando crawl through the reactor core where Wizera finds the skeleton of a hand and an old lightsaber. Lando tells Wizera the story of his forced betrayal of Luke and Han at Cloud City. Meanwhile, Luke tells his version of the story of Obi-Won and Madeline. (See Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back for the backstory.)

You Can Go Home Again
While the crew stop on Aldalak, Leia travels to Alderaan, her home, to visit her adoptive mother and sisters. While Leia regails her oldest sister Cali with stories of her travels, she is reluctant to discuss Han and the others. Her fears of disclosing her violent career prove all too correct when Darth Vader arrives on Alderaan, at first to collect duties from Queen Ewura Esi, but then to ensnare Leia. Leia reluctantly admits her position in the Rebellion to Cali. Cali helps her to escape and promises to make up a story to tell Ewura Esi.

The Falcon is chased by a bounty hunter ship called Slave One, which belongs to Boba Fett. When the crew try to escape it, they are lead right into a nest of bounty hunters. The hunters parade the Falcon back to Tatooine where the crew is thrust into the hands of Jabba the Hutt. Jabba quickly throws the crew into his dungeon to await sentencing, but they receive help from an unexpected source, Kestra, who has returned from the Alpha Quadrant. The crew manage to escape and Kestra, unable to face Boba Fett, returns to Betazed to sort her priorities out.

The Last Port
The crew travel to Corillia, the homeworld of Han and Lando. Though they try to keep a low profile, they are caught by the secret police of Empress Nora, a woman who rose to power through the help of the Emperor. Nora, territorial to the last, explains that she only wants to punish Han and Lando for leaving the planet without proper papers, but during their stay, it becomes blindingly obvious that Nora's motives are far more personal. She tries to seduce Luke, then she threatens to kill Leia, making it clear that she longs to hurt Han. Lando finally steps up to her, confronting her for her responsibility in the death of his first love Susan. Nora is shocked and the crew escape while she's distracted. Leia asks Han if he was involved with Nora, but he doesn't asnwer.

The Return
During an intimate moment, Leia suddenly draws a blaster and shoots Han in the shoulder...again. Mica has returned. She instructs the crew to pilot to the nearest moon of Endor, then leaves Leia's body. The Falcon arrives where the crew meet the real Mica. Lando is immediately captivated by the princess and she feels a mutal attraction. Mica's mother, Queen Viola, explains to the Falcon crew that she wishes to publically endorse the Rebellion, but only if they help to destroy a Rebel stronghold on Endor's forest moon. Han, Luke, and Wizera leave to plant explosives while Lando and Mica grow closer. Lando finally admits that he feels the need to protect Mica. As the crew reunites to leave Endor, Lando and Mica promise to keep in touch.

Never Safe
The crew are tractored by the Death Star where they face the Grand Moff Tarkin, a high ranking Imperial official who knows of Vader's obsession with Luke. Tarkin submits the crew to torture under the watchful eye of Dengar, a silent bounty hunter turned inventor. The crew find opportunity to escape, however, when Tarkin tries to seduce Leia. She plays on his affections, then uses him as a human shield to help the crew escape.

The Hunted
Wizera and Luke awake to find themselves on a strange on a barren planet, surrounded by the spirits of ten Jedi, including Madeline and Ben, and Vader. Though tensions run high, the thirteen of them work to discover their whereabouts. Suddenly, a couple appear, calling themselves Sybok and Nala. They explain that the Jedi have been brought here to serve as food for the people of this world, who exist on Jedi energies. The hostages fight to free themselves and end up killing Sybok. Nala, unable to survive without Sybok's aid, is left at their mercy. While Vader sites the necessity to kill her, Wizera and Luke agree to teach her how to survive without destroying the energy of others. Grateful, Nala returns the group back to the Jeda Quadrant.

A Stardestroyer picks up the Falcon. Vader, who happens to be stationed on the ship has been hard at work, creating a counterpart android for Gerty. The Falcon crew, who attempt to escape through the air shaft, are horrified when they stumble upon this droid, named Alec, with a strikingly similar appearance to Luke. Lando and Wizera sabotage Alec's inner workings, but Vader activates him nonetheless. Alec turns out to possess limited intelligence and motor skills, allowing the Falcon crew to rest assured that he won't pose a threat.

Homecourt Dangers
While passing dangerously close to Corillia, the Falcon is picked up by a warship belonging to Empress Nora's fleet. Nora announces that she intends to pubically execute the crew, in honor of the Emperor's impending visit to Corillia. Among the crowd of people who hear the proclamation is Lando's sister, L'Tasha. Though she feels reservations, she uses her connections with Nora's sister, Lisse, to get a visit with the crew. They ask her to help them and she declines, but later repents and stages a jailbreak just in time. The crew escape. The Emperor, upset with this disaster, seeks a meeting with Lisse and her son, where he promises her condition will be improving vastly in a short time.

The Ghetto
The Falcon is severely damaged by Slave One and tractored into Jabba the Hutt's waiting arms. Tired of failed attempts to kill Han and company, Jabba relocates them to a frightening ghetto under his control. While Luke, Leia, and Han seek out an abandoned building to set up homestead, Wizera demonstrates her skills as a combatant when she has to fight for some food. Lando meets a girl named Lona, who has lived in the ghetto all her life. Feeling pity, Wizera gives her share of the food to Lona. When the crew stage their escape, Lona repays their kindness by finking out their plans to a guard. The crew flee to Luke's old farm home. Evidence shows that Vader was there recently and that he learned the story of Luke's aunt and uncle. Lona, who has followed the crew, begs them to take her off the planet. They agree and bring her to Hope3.

Bad Cold
Wizera, suffering from a cold, sneezes and accidently transports Luke, Han, and Lando to a ship of Katarian Women. Baffled, the women take the men into custody and prepare to chop them up into DNA samples. Wizera and Leia disguise themselves as Katarians and try to free the boys. They manage in getting Luke and Lando to safety, but are unable to free Han, who has been taken to be prepared for the knife. Leia risks breaking into the lab where she frees Han, but becomes caught by a team of Katarians. Just when they are about to kill them both, Lita arrives, recognizes Leia, and explains the situation to the others. Han and Leia join the others and they leave peacefully, in one piece.

Souls Day
Leia is distrubed by strang blue images that she's been seeing every now and then. Obi-Won believes that Leia is beginning to see Madeline and himself, but before he can test that theory, the Ghost of the Lake arrives and captures Madeline. Luke and Wizera venture back to Degoba to rescue Madeline. With the help of Wizera's friend Walter and Obi-Won, they manage to inflitrate The Lake's defenses and free Madeline, who was facing oblivion at the hands of her former "mistress."

Bed of Black Roses
Wizera falls ill and though she struggles to cope with it, she soon faints and falls into a deep coma. Wizra tells Luke that her illness is due to magical forces, the work of a mysterious phantom from Wizera's past. Together, Luke and Wizra link to Wizera's mind and take a fantastic journey into her soul. Though they struggle to understand the images of her fears and hopes, they manage to force this phantom out of her mind and help Wizera to wake up.

The Falcon crew take a trip to Betazed where they meet up with Kestra, who's working to enjoy life on this planet which is the opposite of everything she's ever known. The brief shore leave is cut extremely short however, when Kestra reveals that Boba Fett has been chasing after her, claiming that "no daughter of his ever walks out on him." The crew try to flee before they can become entangled with Boba Fett, but Han is spotted, leading to a fantastic chase across a world of pure emotion and sensuality. The crew manage to escape, only when they are able to submit to the Betazoid mentality.

Just You and Me
Mon Mothma assigns Han and Wizera to go on a top secret mission to destroy an Imperial base on one of the many moons of Endor. They venture off into unknown dangers while Luke and Leia attempt to begin some Jedi training. Han and Wizera set up camp during their first night and Han questions Wizera about the full extent of her powers. While demonstrating her ability to read minds, Wizera discovers that Han nursed an attraction for her from the moment they first met. Meanwhile, Luke and Leia grow distracted, worrying over their loved ones and Lando confronts them, illustrating how lucky they are. Wizera consults with Wanda about these new emotions she's discovered in Han. She decides to ignore what happened and the two of them destroy the Imperial base and return home to waiting arms.

Return to the Peace Planet
Leia brings her friends to meet her family back on Alderaan. Though a practice of "don't ask, don't tell" is observed, it becomes very obvious to Ewura Esi that Leia's friends are on the run. Her fears are proved correct when bounty hunters, led by Boba Fett, invade the royal palace and take Leia's sister Cali hostage. Though Ewura Esi's first instinct is to hand Han and the others over, she allows them to attempt a rescue of Cali, they succeed and flee the planet, leading the bounty hunters away. Ewura Esi tells Leia before she leaves however, that she will always love her, no matter who she chooses for friends. Madeline watches on, broken hearted.

Stolen From Among Us
While stationed on Hoth, the Falcon crew receive a Corillian ship piloted by Han and Lando's old partner in crime, Lone Starr. On board Starr's ship is Lita and several other Katarian Women. Lita explains that the Grand Moff Tarkin has captured several of her people for his own "private use." The Falcon crew, the Katarians, and Lone Starr embark on a rescue mission involving the infiltration of the Death Star, involving seduction, and eventually involving assisting in the birth of the first Katarian male of the decade.

By Last Name Only
Blane Solo, Han's adoptive father, and his two new wives board the Falcon following the destruction of their ship. Han immediately isolates his father, confiding in Leia that he is still angered over Blane's abandonment of his mother Moyra Solo. Blane learns that his son and friends are wanted by the Empire and he promptly hijacks the Falcon and hands the crew over for a reward. Instead, the Emperor attempts to kill Blane, but Han manages to save his father's life. The crew escape and immediately dump Blane and his bimbos on a distant planet with no goodbyes.

Boba Fett, still brooding over his loss of Kestra, kidnaps a young Rebel girl in an attempt to replace his daughter. Admiral Ackbar sends the Falcon crew on a rescue mission, citing that they have more experience with bounty hunters than any other team. Kestra meets them at Mos Eisly and they quickly discover that Boba Fett has set up homestead in the abandoned farm of Luke's dead aunt and uncle. Han and Lando manage to free the young prisoner while Kestra leads Boba Fett away. Wizera, Madeline, and Obi-Won encourage Luke to confront his guilt in the death of his aunt and uncle by leaving a pair of white roses on the doorstep of the farm.

Martial Law
The Falcon once again falls into the hands of Corillian fighters, but the crew are shocked when they arrive in the Corillian Palace to be greeted by not Nora, but Nora's younger sister Lisse, who is now the empress of Corillia. Lisse extends all the kindnesses of a gracious hostess, even allowing her geneticially engineered son, Ian, to spend time with Leia and Wizera. Her kindness finally reveals her motives when she tries to seduce Han, claiming that she needs a real heir. Lisse's henchman, Trelane, quickly tries to knock Han out, but Han is saved by Ian's terrified screams at seeing a weapon fired at his new friend Han. The crew make a mad dash off the planet as Lisse vows to make Han Solo her's forever.

Roads Untaken
Following their four year anniversary of their first meeting, Han and Leia receive a shock when Leia announces that she's pregnant. While Luke, Madeline, and Obi-Won discuss the Jedi potential of a possible child between Leia and Han, the frightened Leia confesses to Wizera and Lando that she's not ready for children yet. All talks are interrupted when the Falcon is captured by an Imperial ship. Vader, learning of Leia's news, offers to provide for her every need if she will let him take control of the child's upbringing. Madeline begins screaming at Vader, allowing Leia to escape when her father becomes distracted by something she doesn't see. The crew escape and Leia discovers that she's not really pregnant. Relieved, she returns to the cockpit, but is amazed when for a second, she imagines seeing a woman smiling at her.

As Lando is walking through a hallway, two women suddenly appear. They quickly take command of the ship and instruct Han to set a course for Naboo, a world that was destroyed several years ago. Luke senses Jedi potential in one of the women who calls herself Dax, and she explains that her father was a Sith lord and that she and her companion, the former Queen Amidala of Naboo, are from 25 years in the past, and that they were banished to this time. At the least opportune moment, Vader's forces capture the Falcon and Vader immediately recognizes Dax and Amidala. They are a part of his past and it was the Emperor who banished them to this time, in the hopes that they would be out of his way on his rise to power. The crew eventually escape via air shaft and Dax and Amidala set off on their own to join the Rebellion and make up for their 25 year absense.

Lone Starr
Han and Lando's old friend Lone Starr returns to the Falcon, begging for their help. It turns out that Darth Vader has kidnapped his latest flame, a woman named Vespa, who he was unaware was a member of the Rebellion. Though reluctant to fly directly into Imperial clutches, the crew agree. Vader, who has been expecting the Falcon, takes them into custody and tortures Han and Lando for information. Lone Starr, inspired by his old friends' new dedication for a cause after so many years of smuggling, rises to the occasion and helps Leia and Wizera to rescue everyone and escape in one piece.

An Unholy Act
Wizera visits the Seventh Dimension and is confronted by the ghost of her former best friend, Willow, who claims that Wizera's actions have separated her from her daughter Wanda. As Willow broods, the Ghost of the Lake visits her and makes her an offer; she'll bring Willow back to life in exchange for the return of Madeline Skywalker's ghost. Willow is given the means and the incentive to follow through with the act, but Wizera then confronts her friend, reminding her of the ideas which they fought for as teenagers. Willow repents at the last possible second and Madeline is saved. To ease the blow, Wizera summons Wanda to the Seventh Dimension and introduces her to Willow.

Flying Solo
Han walks into Leia's room and is promptly shot in the shoulder, heralding the return of Mica, much to Han's dismay and Lando's delight. The real Mica beams onboard along with an unusual woman, Moyra Solo, Han's adoptive mother. Moyra quickly proves herself to be certifiably insane, wreaking havoc on the Falcon. In perfect timing, Vader's fleet capture the Falcon. While Vader fights with Luke, Moyra's insanity confuses the guards to the point where the crew are able to escape. As they fight to free Luke, Lando takes a blast for Mica while Leia and Han save Moyra's life. Finally, they manage to grab Luke and run. As Mica and Moyra prepare to depart to the nearest space station, Moyra communicates her deep affections for her son Han and the two part on good terms.

During a late night shift, Wizera and R2 are put out of commission by C3PO who has been taken over by a mysterious alien. The possessed droid proceeds to kidnap Luke and carry him away from the Falcon on a shuttle. Madeline and Obi-Won are shocked when the droid begins talking to them and they quickly figure out that C3PO is being controled by the spirit of an old Jedi of the past, Qui-Gon Jinn. Luke attempts to turn the shuttle around, but an Imperial ship tractors it. Luke and C3PO are banished to a lower chamber to await Vader, but to the shock of all parties, it is C3PO who ends up confronting Vader. The droid's head is severed, but Luke manages to escape with the pieces. C3PO is reactivated minus the Jedi energy. All is back to normal, but it is suddenly revealed by Qui-Gon Jinn's real spirit that C3PO was created by Anakin Skywalker.

The crew take time out to relax on space station Hope3 where the Falcon receives repair work and Luke has his mechanical hand replaced. It seems too good to be true and indeed it is. Leia and Lando discover that Gerty has been working as a spy on board the ship for months, but before they can warn anybody, the station is ambushed by an Imperial fleet. As the Rebels frantically try to defend the station (and Luke frantically tries to reattach his hand) the Falcon crew manage to flood the majority of the station with an ether substance. They use the Falcon transporters to remove the stormtroopers and they quickly set to work on relocating the station to a safer place.

'Til Death Do Us Part
The highest ranking Rebels, including the Falcon crew, are summoned to the Rebel station Shine One for the wedding of Wedge Antillies and his fiance Perrin. Han and Lando pass time with Chewy while Wizera avoids the festivities, but a sudden Imperial attack brings a swift closure to the celebrations. The stormtroopers start loading Rebels into ships for relocation. One fires a blast at Wedge, but Perrin takes the hit for him and dies in his arms. Enraged by such a tragic death, the Rebels rise up and massacre the stormtroopers. Though it seems a victory, Mon Mothma reminds everyone that a bloodbath in place of a wedding is in no way a fair trade.

Forgotten Daughters
Leia travels to Alderaan alone. While there, bounty hunters suddenly attack the palace, forcing her to enlist in the help of her naive sister Cali to save the day. Meanwhile, Han, Luke, and Wizera are summoned to the Seventh Dimension where the spirit of Wizera's mother, Lady Winniefred, roasts her own daughter, opening closed wounds and cutting her down to size. Lando, left with only the droids to help, works frantically to revive the unconscious Han, Luke, and Wizera so that they can rush to Alderaan to save Leia. He finally succeeds, only when Wizera fights to defend her life and the three awake, Han not remembering anything. They fly off to Alderaan where they beam up Leia and quickly bait the bounty hunters away from the planet.

The World Beyond the Looking Glass
While fleeing an Imperial attack, the Falcon is sucked into the Mirror Universe, a world with the same people living different lives. The Falcon is boarded by Mirror Mica, second in command of Mirror Kestra who leads the Imperial fleet of Mirror Lita. The crew are pent up as slaves where they encounter the mirror doubles of Anakin and Madeline Skywalker who are expecting twins soon. Mirror Lita, learning of this orders her right hand man, Mirror Dengar, to kill Anakin. While Leia, Han, and Lando are subjected to torture, Luke and Wizera save Anakin, getting caught in the process. Wizera appeals to Mirror Kestra's Betazoid empathy and she helps the crew, along with Madeline and Anakin to escape, only to be murdered herself by Mirror Mica. Han and Lando destroy Mirror Lita's ship just as Mirror Madeline gives birth to Mirror Luke and Mirror Leia. The crew bid a fond farewell to their friends and return to their universe.

Old Friends Who've Just Met
Madeline and Obi-Won are catpured by the ever-vengeful Ghost of the Lake who plans to destroy their essenses completely. Wizera and Luke head back to The Lake and seek the aid of Luke's lost friend Biggs to rescue their friends. Meanwhile, Han, Leia, and Lando desperately race to get the crippled Falcon back to dry dock as Vader's fleet closes in. Biggs manages to incite a riot amoung the dead spirits, allowing Luke and Wizera to find Madeline and Ben. Luke and Biggs bid one last final farewell, and Luke and Wizera return to rescue their friends from the Imperial fleet.

The Game
Lordra, embittered by a recent series of failures at the hands of Wizra, thrusts the Falcon crew, Vader, Gerty, and three stormtroopers into an unusual game. The players are turned loose onto a playing field, but in order to win, they must survive harsh weather conditions, raiding Tuskans, and each other. One by one, the stormtroopers disappear into the abiss until only Gerty and Vader remain with the crew. Irritated, Wizera transports herself to the Ra Pyramid where she distracts Lordra, long enough for the other crew members to escape the game. Vader and Gerty, left alone to their own devices plot with the mysterious game operators.

Unity Moon
While being pursued by an Imperial fleet, the Falcon flies into a mysterious pocket of space where they discover a singular moon. Landing, they are shocked to discover a society composed of creatures that would normally be enemies. They meet the leader of the civilization, a woman named Jane Keebyr who explains that the people are content with their lives because no one ever leaves, so they manage to work out differences. The crew desperately search to find a way back into normal space, befriending a woman named Nishuima and her crippled friend Katooin (a hand who is half machine) who also seek to leave the place. The sudden appearance of Vader and his fleet accelerates tensions between the supposedly "invisible" factions on the moon and the Falcon crew flee the pocket, forced to leave Nishuima and Katooin behind.

The crew stop at a Rebel Alliance Medical Unit to load some medical supplies and they get to know some of the medical staff. Wizera befriends the chief medical officer, but quickly find herself at odd with her assistant Dr. Alda. Lando becomes entranced by a nurse with a striking similarity to Susan while Leia and Luke discover that Lita is a patient, suffering severe plasma burns. A sudden attack by bounty hunters forces the Falcon crew to enlist in the aid of several undisciplined doctors to evacuate the premise. With Kestra's help, all the patients and doctors make it to safety, except for the strange nurse friend of Lando's who mysteriously disappears.

The Perfection Experiment
The Falcon is assigned to ferry a team of scientists to Hope3. While in the cargo hold, Lando and C3PO discover that a single human male is being held in stasis. The chief scientist, Dr. Riley, explains that this human cargo is Lysander, a merchant who was accidentally killed by crossfire, but was subject of an experiment which placed his memories and his emotions into a genetically perfect body. Lysander confesses that all he wants is to return to his family. Though he plans on running away, a brush with the Imperial fleet convinces Lysander that if his existance is discovered, the Empire would exploit him and his family. He argees to return to Hope3 with Dr. Riley.

Jedi Heart
While orbiting Coruscant, a world destroyed by it's own pollution, Vader's fleet attacks the Falcon crew. C3PO transports Luke, Leia, and Wizera down to the surface of the planet, in a standing building with about two hours of oxygen left. The building turns out to be the headquarters of the Jedi from 25 years ago, and it's infested with Jedi ghosts. Han and Lando try to hold off the Imperial ships, but Vader goes to the surface. Though he tries to find Luke and the others, the spirits of Qui-Gon Jinn and the other Jedi harass him until he recoils and leaves in fear. Han and Lando, baffled by the sudden departure, beam their friends back up and leave.

Nexus Parallax
The Falcon flies directly into the Nexus where all the crew's wildest dreams come true. Lando awakens to find himself in a nice apartment with his new wife, Susan. Realizing that he's not in reality, Lando painfully leaves Susan, only to find himself on a strange farm. He finds Wizera, who is living out her teenage life again. Together, they determine that they are in the Nexus and that they can only leave once they've rounded up their friends. They find Han being chased by his ex-girlfriend Kamala and then they locate Leia who has suddenly become a real member of Ewura Esi's family. After some difficulty, they find Luke whose wish for a normal family life was so strong that he thought he had been in the Nexus for five years, rather than for an hour. Saddened, the crew depart the Nexus and their virtual paradise to improve the real world.

A Rogue's Past
Vader and Lisse plot to trap Han and Lando by gathering up former friends and family from Corillia to lure the men away. They round up Moyra Solo, Han's old girl Kamala, L'Tasha Calrissian, Lando's mother Nichelle, and Lone Starr. The plan works and Han and Lando quest to free their friends, being chased by Luke, Leia, and Wizera. Han and Lando are captured by Vader, but they manage to free their friends. Lone Starr leads the group to safety, then returns with Luke and the others to rescue Han and Lando.

Sometimes the Good Guys Win
Wizera dreams of an alternative future, ten years following a fall of the Rebellion. Wizera, working as a fortune teller, groups up with the long lost Han. The two of them journey to Cloud City, and then to Degoba where they reunited with the frozen Lando and the Jedi Leia. Together, they plot to find the new Emperor of the Empire, Luke of the Sith. Along with the spirits of Anakin, Obi-Won, and Madeline, the crew become entangled with stormtroopers, an evil Luke, and deception to the tenth degree. Just when the crew are facing doom, Dax appears out of nowhere and saves them all. Stormtroopers attack and the confused Luke takes a blast for Wizera. The Wizera of the past awakes screaming to find her Jedi knight version of Luke holding her. Is it a prediction or a nightmare?

The Fortune

The Blood of My Heart
Captain Samara Quartet and her trigger happy Ewok companion Wicket are assigned to the Falcon crew. Samara quickly establishes herself as a thorn in Han's side as she corrects everything he and the crew do, citing inefficiency. The crew land on an moon of Endor in an attempt to sabotage an Imperial base, but Samara continually criticizes the crew's lack of discipline. Han explodes at her, but a rock structure collapses and Samara is injured. The crew fight their way free and return to the ship. Wizera attempts to tender to Samara's injuries and discovers that she has almost identical DNA to Han. Samara is biologically Han's sister. Though neither can recall their biological parents, Han and Samara depart on good terms, vowing to meet again when Han straightens up and Samara loosens up.

The Runaway
Jabba's two dancing girls, Oola and Lyn Me attempt to escape his palace, but only Oola manages to succeed. She flees to Rebel space and suddenly finds herself at the mercy of Han and the crew. They attempt to hide her, but she's quickly tracked by bounty hunters. Though Oola tries to buy her freedom by handing Han over to Boba Fett, Kestra soils her plans by stealing a shuttle from the Falcon and flying off, leading Boba Fett to believe that either Han or Oola has fled. The bounty hunters chase after Kestra and the Falcon crew turn Oola over to Rebel custody.

Another Father
The Falcon crew are sent to rescue Dax and Amidala who have been taken prisoner by the Emperor. When they arrive on the Death Star, they are shocked to discover that the Emperor is Dax's father. Tangled in a web of confusion and betrayal, Amidala is forced to experience the same mixed emotions Han, Leia, and Lando felt when they discovered who Luke's father was. This time, the Falcon crew work in unity to help re-establish the lost trust and the self-doubting, while at the same time trying to escape the Emperor's clutches.

One Moment In Time
While the Katarians are experimenting with a new temperal weapon, the mysterious Phantom who sent Wizera into a coma sneaks onboard their ship and sabotages the equipment. The weapon misfires, freezing every Rebel in the area in time. Now Lita and Wizera must work to free their friends, while at the same time battling a strange creature that they barely understand. Wizera confronts the demon and both parties are shocked when she addresses him as though she knows who he is. He admits that he was sent by Lordra to make Wizera's life miserable, but he had no intention of messing with temperal mechanics. He flees and Lita reverses the affects of the weapon.

Past the Future (Parts 1-2)
Lando is accidentally forced 25 years into the future where the Emperor has convinced the Quadrant that he's dead and a Republic rules over the galaxy. Lando meets Adriana Solo, Han and Leia's future daughter who has been secretly meeting with Wizera and C3PO, who know the truth about the Emperor. Lando finds himself caught up in their quest to reveal the truth, disobeying Han and Leia's wishes that Wizera have no contact with their daughter. Adriana grows more and more attracted to Lando, making life difficult for him after they manage to expose the Emperor and Darth Vader's existance. Lando finally realizes that he has to return to his time, knowing that his knowledge of the future will most likely prevent Adriana from being born. They bid a tearful farewell and Wizera sends Lando back to the past, sending the memories of Adriana back to her past counterpart. Lando and the past Wizera mourn the loss of Adriana, but celebrate all she was.

Sounds of Silence
The Rebel station Hope3 was being attacked by a strange creature who claimed the lives of 17 Rebels. Mon Mothma called in the Falcon crew, hoping that Wizera would be able to solve the mystery. While on the station, Lando is dumped by Mica while Luke, Han, and Leia try to comfort the grieving Wedge, but all is abruptly ended when Wizera is attacked by a witch named Scorsha under control of Vader. Scorsha steals Wizera's voice and gives away the Falcon crew's location to Vader. The Rebels abandon Hope3 accept for Wizera who battles with Scorsha and eventually Vader, eliminating both of them from the station and regaining her voice.

When the crew of the Rebel ship the Millenium Alastria disappear, the Falon crew are sent to rescue them and quickly find themselves out of their league. The crew of the Alastria have a relationship to the Grand Moff Tarkin similar to the Falcon crew's relationship with Vader. While Luke from the Falcon and Marina from the Alastria are held captive by respective Imperial officers, Han squares off against the captain of the Alastria, Kurt Mog. Wizera organizes the remaining crews in a rescue mission. They manage to save Luke, but Marina takes a blast for Kurt and dies. The Rebels flee on the Falcon, forced to leave the Alastria behind. Together, both crews mourn for the loss of Lt. Marina Berns.

Phantom's Trap
Wizera's mysterious Phantom begins rounding up Wizera's friends, Lysander, Amidala, Lita, Mica, Kestra, and Wedge. Dax comes to the Falcon in concern, fearing that Vader has his hands on Amidala, but an accidental run-in brings Wizra to the crew with the truth. The crew and Dax are forced to enter into a demented world of darkness and insane music where they fight to save their friends. Wizera confronts the Phantom and he admits he was just trying to lure her away. Wizera resists his temptations and he releases her friends.

The Freelance Scientist
Admiral Ackbar sends Dr. Heather Kyle to observe the Falcon crew. Dr. Kyle specializes in super-natural human studies and quickly takes an interest in Luke's Jedi skills. She kidnaps Luke and hijacks a shuttle for Degoba. The Falcon crew chase after Heather and Vader chases after the Falcon. While Vader and Han race to find Dr. Kyle and Luke first, Leia, Wizera, and Lando meet Jedi Master Yoda who voices concern about Leia's standing in the Force. Han manages to find Luke and Heather. He "arrests" Heather and drags her and the sleeping Luke back to the Falcon. The Falcon crew depart, leaving Vader to flee from Yoda.

Reflections of Childhood (Parts 1-2)
While observing a stellar phenominon, the Falcon crew are sucked back into the Mirror Universe where they find an epic battle raging between Mirror Lita's two heirs, Mirror Mica and Mirror Dengar. Mirror Madeline and Mirror Anakin inform the crew that 72 children have disappeared recently, including their children Mirror Luke and Mirror Leia. The crew fly off to find the childre and find a young boy has hidden upon the Falcon. This boy turns out to be Mirror Han who offers to help them find the kids. Wizera and Lando barter with Mirror Lysander and buy uniforms. They infiltrate Mirror Mica's forces, then Mirror Dengar's forces, where they find Dengar is trying to start a new slave colony of the children. The crew rescue the children and help Mirror Mica to destroy Mirro Dengar's forces. The Falcon crew return the children then depart for their world, but leave Mirror Mica a picture of the Mica from their world.

Father Daughter, Father Son
When Han is falsely accused of fathering his friend Ardra's son, Leia runs off and falls into Vader's forces. Wizera quickly disproves Ardra's claims and the Falcon flies off to find Leia. Vader has the Falcon towed into his cargo bay and has Han tied to an electrode. He convinces Leia that by torturing Han, she'll feel better about his supposed cheating. Initially, she agrees, but when she sees what her anger does to the man she loves, she relents and helps Han to escape. The Falcon flies away and Leia finally realizes how dangerous she can be if she submits to Sith anger.

My Lover's Past
Darth Vader travels back in time to kill Wizera when she's a powerless teenager living on W. Wizra appears to Luke and tells him that he must travel back to rescue Wizera and then destroy Vader's time travel experiment to restore the timeline. Luke finds himself in a colorful world belonging to a girl he hardly knows. Wizera is resistant to his attempts to get close to him at first, but she eventually gives in to a natural attraction. Vader tells Wizera's friends that she'll lead to their death and they struggle to decide whether or not to protect her. Luke convinces them to help him protect Wizera and they flee on a ship. Vader follows them, killing Willow, but he's forced to retreat. Luke bids a farewell to Wizera then moves forward in time to prevent Vader from ever attempting the experiment. He succeeds and no one remembers anything except for Luke and Wizra who share the secret alone.

In the Arms of a Stranger
Luke, along with four other corporeal beings, including Captain Cassandra, are kidnapped to be observed by a strange race. Meanwhile, a replica of Luke is sent to take his place on the Falcon where the crew quickly grow suspicious. Luke, Cassandra, and the other prisoners battle amongst themselves, each accusing the others of being the jailor. Madeline and Obi-Won confirm that the replica of Luke is indeed a replica when he fails to respond to either of them. The Falcon crew hold him under a force field. In the prison, Luke and the others manage to open the cell door, only to discover a second door behind it. They are suddenly returned to their respective ships where the replicas explain the point of the experiment was to observe corporeal beings. Wizera demonstrates clearly that she is not a corporeal being and the strangers flee in terror.

Love's Labors Lost
Leia receives a transmission from an old flame of hers named Vaska who tells her it's urgent that they meet.  The Falcon lands on Yavin and Leia meets with Vaska who begs her to take him back, claiming that he's ready to settle down with a wife, something he once feared.  Baffled, Leia tells him she needs time to sort things out, but before she can find Han, a garrison of stormtroopers arrest her.  Vaska is a soldier on the other side of the war.  Han, Luke, and Wizera confront Vaska and he claims he had no idea that Leia was a top wanted Rebel.  The Falcon crew work to rescue Leia, who is being held by Vader.  They escape and Leia bids a final farewell to Vaska, telling him they must never meet again.

The Salem Rescue
The Falcon crew are sent to rescue Lita who has been stranded on a planet just outside of the Jeda Quadrant.  The situation is complicated by the fact that the planet is a pre-warp civilization ruled over by a male dominated religion.  The crew dress themselves as villagers and attempt to find Lita, but Luke and Wizera are caught using their powers and accused of witchcraft.  Imprisoned, they meet up with Lita who is about to be burned for similar crimes.  Han and Leia convince the warden's daughter Cara to let them in to see their friends and the Rebels quickly form an escape plan.  At their trial/exicution, Wizera and Luke speak on behalf of all people who are different, buying C3PO enough time to beam the crew safely away.

The Second Time Around
Dr. Heather Kyle retuns to subject the crew to a new experiment, decidedly against their will.  She links their brains together and forces each crew member to relive the worse moment of their respective lives as the other watch.  The crew watch Lando live through the death of Susan, Han become responsible for the death of an innocent little girl and her parents, Leia discover that she's adopted, Wizera learn that it was her fault that W blew up, and Luke learn that he is Darth Vader's son.  C3PO finally manages to force Heather to end the experiment, but as she leaves, she carries some interesting data about the metachlorine levels in the minds of Lando and Han.

Just For A Change...
Han and Leia stop on Aldalak to enjoy some peace and relaxation in the son.  They befriend two couples, the young Saria and Ewan who are sympathetic to the Rebel cause and Ruto and Ozbert who display immediate hostility to all dissent.  Though Han and Leia had hoped for a romantic vacation, their hopes quickly turn to ashen when Boba Fett and a team of bounty hunters attack the resort, forcing them to work with the two other couples to escape.  In the end, they are forced to deliver all four into Rebel hands when too much is revealed.  Han and Leia decide that next time they vacation, they'll leave the quadrant.

The Figurehead
While, visiting Alderaan, Leia finds herself taken in chains by a faction of dissents who are using Alderaanians as slaves.  The captain Ray gives Leia to his girlfriend Naboo-Ru as a handmaiden.  Leia tries to blend in, but a young slave named Morta recognizes his princess.  He brings her to the mines where, upon seeing the suffering of her people, Leia vows to find a way to save them.  Meanwhile, the Falcon arrives on the very same station, helping Lone Starr deliver a load of fuel.  In a secret meeting, Leia explains the situation to Han who agrees to distract her mistress long enough for Leia to incite a riot.  The plan backfires and the mines cave in, killing all the slaves by Morta, his girlfriend, and several children.  Lone Starr kills Ray and the crew take Naboo-Ru into custody.

Daughter of Destiny
According to Endor's religion, a chosen child will be born to lead the people to paradise.  When a young girl named Audrid is named the chosen one, due to her strange command of energy (similar to Mica's abilities) she is shipped off the planet, away from her parents and friends.  The situation gets out of hand when Vader attempts to kidnap Audrid.  The Falcon crew fly to the frightened girl's rescue, but once they escape Imperial clutches, they learn that Audrid has no desire to be separated from her parents.  They take the frightened child back to Endor where Mica orders the monks to allow her to grow up where she belongs before assigning her a destiny.

Some Say Love, It Is A Razor...
The crew and Lysander are sent to investigate a mysterious fortification on Yavin.  There, they meet a charming man named Tetzel who claims to run a safe haven for lost children of the war.  The crew are shocked when they learn that Lysander's daughter, Raya is a member of this strange cult.  While Lysander works to get close to his girl without revealing himself, the rest of the crew discover that Tetzel has been kidnapping many of the children and "brainwashing" them into doing his bidding.  Before they can escape, the children capture and torture the crew.  Lysander finally reaches Raya who deactivates the defenses of the fort.  The children wreack havoc for Tetzel while the crew take Lysander and Raya.  Lysander returns Raya to her mother, Serena, promising them that he'll return.  As they depart, he laments yet another loss of his family.

When Han suddenly dies from blaster wounds that would hardly cause a rash, Luke and Wizera grow suspicious that the Ghost of the Lake is up to her old games.  As Leia and Lando try to come to terms with the loss of their friend, Luke and Wizera journey back to The Lake.  The Ghost of the Lake is there to meet them and immediately tells them that she will only release Han in exchange for Madeline.  Han, meanwhile, finds himself trapped in a world that he doesn't understand.  He talks with Susan, Perrin, and Marina who all try to help him come to terms with his situation.  Just as he is about to surrender to the circumstances, Wizera and Luke seek in to help him escape.  The Ghost of the Lake grows furious and takes action, only to find herself trapped.  With no choice, she releases Han who awakes, with no memory of the events.

The Wanted Society
Lando gets hit over the head and blacks out.  He flashes back to the first time he met Han.  Thrown into a Corillian prison for minor smuggling, the young Lando met up with two other criminals, Han Solo, a big time smuggler, and Lone Starr, a thief.  The cellmates are shocked when two bounty hunters break them out of the prison, along with a female inmate named Ardra, and take them to Jabba the Hutt.  Jabba offers to protect them from the Corillian legal system, provided that they rob a museum and recover a rare painting for him.  They accept the job and during the robbery, befriend a Wookie named Chewbaca.  Their mission accomplished, they go their separate ways, promising to meet up again.

The Lost Years
(See "Past the Future" for the backstory)  On her seventeenth birthday, Adriana Solo meets a mysterious creature named Wizera who seems to have ties to her parents' strange past.  Wizera explains that they were a part of a civil war and that Adriana's parents decided to ignore reality in order to settle down.  Wizera offers to help train Adriana in the ways of the Force and the adventure-loving girl eagarly accepts.  Han and Leia grow suspicious of their daughter's odd behavior and send her, along with C3PO to spend some time with her Uncle Luke.  Wizera goes along, avoiding confrontation with Luke.  Adriana and Wizera face off against some bounty hunters and Adriana proves her strength in the ways of the Force.  The two women, along with C3PO vow to destroy the hidden Imperial forces.

Employee Number 665
The crew are kidnapped by a society desperate for a larger workforce.  They are brainwashed and made to believe that they belong in the labor force and that they came from undesirable places.  While Han tends bar and Leia enforces efficiency, Lando works repair for some mysterious droids and Wizera maps the stars, becomming intimate with a fellow woker named Brenndon.  Luke, whose Jedi skills help him to retain his memory, struggles to incite riot among the workers and restore the memories of the captured workers before Darth Vader and his men arrive to inspect the factory.  He manages to restore Wizera.  The two of them host meetings in Han's bar and eventually start a worker revolt.  The men responsible for the brainwashing are discharged and the Falcon crew leave, Wizera wishing only the best for the newly promoted Brenndon.

The Morals of Time
The crew are accidentally flung 25 years into the past, the day before the rise of Palpatine, the banishment of Dax and Amidala, and the fall of Anakin Skywalker.  While Lando and the droids work furiously to repair the damaged Falcon, Luke, Wizera, and Leia meet up with the long gone Jedi and Han discovers that they are on Naboo, the doomed world.  Luke is faced with the moral decision between saving Anakin or restoring the timeline.  In a moment of pure instinct, he prevents Anakin from falling into a pit, setting off a chain reaction where Dax and Amidala are not in place for their banishment and Palpatine is unable to manifest his powers.  Wizera disappears, forcing Luke to realize that the timeline must be restored.  The Falcon crew bid farewell to their friends in the past and travel forward in time,  preventing their initial departure.  Wizera returns and the timeline is restored.

The City Beneath the Sands (Parts 1-2)
A jailbreak goes awry and Han finds himself stranded in Mos Eisly with his father Blane Solo.  The two of them discover that Vader is attempting to locate a lost city buried beneath the sands of Tatooine.  With the help of Kestra and a mysterous student named Joxer, the Solos arrive in the city first and begin a quest for an artifact which Vader wants to use to crush the Rebels.  Vader arrives and holds the foursome hostage, also taking on Athena, a member of  Kida, one of the warring factions of this strange city.  Han becomes captured by the other side of the conflict, Nicomma, and narrowly escapes with Leia and Wizera who have caught up with him.  He joins the Falcon crew and destroys the artifact.  Joxer turns out to be a member of Kida and he remains with Athena, bidding a fond farewell to Kestra, Blane, and the Falcon crew.

Dark Angel
The Falcon Crew are captured by the Emperor's new ally, Mara Jade, a Sith with a chip off her shoulder.  She and Vader square off over methods to bring Luke to the Dark Side and he pretends to fall for Jade's tricks.  As a test, Vader has Wizera dragged into the room and orders Luke to torture her.  Meanwhile, Han, Lando, and Leia escape via airshaft from the cellblock and frantically try to find the droids.  Luke finally reveals himself and he and Wizera flee for their lives.  For her failure, the Emperor banishes Mara Jade.  The Falcon crew escapes and as they fly away, all the members express a great deal of fear from Luke's convincing charade.

Lasting Legacy
While training on Degoba, Luke is forced to defend his feelings for Wizera before a jury of Obi-Won and Yoda, as Madeline and R2D2 look on.  Meanwhile, the rest of the crew are trapped on a drifting ship's holodeck and forced to live out the last day of a dying race.  Lando becomes Dr. Ogden, the leader of a movement to evacuate the planet and Wizera is Professor Barret, his assistant.  Han becomes Colonel Nathanial, the protector of the widely disliked movement and Leia becomes Majel, the secretary and traitor of the movement.  As the sun threatens to erupt, the members of the team are taken hostage by a street gang opposing their work.  The sun goes nova and a handful of them escape in a ship, only to discover that the anti-matter core will explode, killing the last survivors of the race.  The program ends with a request from the designer that the race not be forgotten.

The Light On the Dark Side of Me
During a pitstop on a large Rebel freighter, the Falcon crew find themselves in a serious mess when one of Dr. Kyle's experiments backfires, splitting Luke into two people, one pure good and the other pure evil.  The Evil Luke, after attacking Wizera,  takes control of the ship, demanding she obey his will.  She goes to him, but instead of releasing the ship, he turns it over to Imperial forces.  Han and Heather hide Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar while Leia and Wizera come up with a plan of escape and Lando leads the ranks, along with Dax, into battle.  Vader, confused by the situation with two Lukes, fails to protect the bridge between his ship and the Rebel ship.  Lando leads a team into the fray and eventually manages to severe the ships.  C3PO gets rid of the Imperial fleet with the transporter, giving Dax, with Leia's help, time to re-integrate the two Lukes.

Mechanical Soul
The Falcon Crew are aided by a squad of "living ships" whose artificial intelligences (AIs) discover the Falcon's hidden AI program.  They restore the program, building an android avatar, and accuse the Falcon Crew of suppressing a living being.  The Falcon AI, who Lando names Liot, grows increasingly loyal to the crew and increasingly doubtful of the other AIs.  The AIs kidnap Han, Lando, and Wizera, punishing them for crimes committed by other humans of the past on AIs as Liot watches.  Leia and Luke race to the rescue, in the process, Luke getting his hand blown off.  The crew manage to escape and return to the Jeda Quadrant, but Liot decides to erase herself.  Han and Lando apologize for any mistreatment they've ever given to C3PO.  Leia corners Luke and suddenly reveals that she's seen Obi Won walking around the ship.  Luke realizes her Jeda powers are advancing at a rapid rate.

Phantom Shadows on the Floor
Leia travels to the forest moon of Endor to meet with Mon Mothma, but she is shot and forced to camp out for the night with Madeline who appears to her, but does not reveal her name.  While the two of them bond, the Falcon flies into a mysterious spacial flux.  Past, present, and future collide as the members of the crew begin seeing future and past versions of themselves.  While future Leia (a Jedi) chases after both present and past Luke, thinking they're both the Sith Luke from her time, past Lando scolds present Han and past Han is baffled at the appearance of present Lando.  As chaos ensues, Lando and Wizera realize that only the droids can remain in the present and that in order to end the phase shifting, the ship must be piloted out of the flux in the present.  Lando tracks down C3PO and R2D2 while present Wizera consults future Wizera on how to change the future and prevent Luke from going Sith.  Meanwhile, Mon Mothma meets up with Leia and informs her that she knows that Luke and Leia are siblings, but promises to keep it a secret.  Leia returns to the ship to find all her friends coming out of a daze and C3PO piloting the ship.  While Leia informs the crew that the Death Star is now operational (her excuse from Mon Mothma) Luke and Madeline speak and Leia walks in, discovering that Madeline is her mother.

Love's Corners
Madeline tells Leia and Wizera the story of her first days as Anakin's wife.  Trying to keep their marriage secret from Obi Won, Madeline and Anakin traveled to meet Madeline's upperclass parents, Lord Sego and Lady Carrie.  Meanwhile, a great race starts as Dax and Amidala, Obi, and evil Count Ducco travel, trying to find Anakin first.  Madeline shocks her parents with Anakin.  Count Ducco fights Dax and Obi Won, reaching Lord Sego's house first.  He battles with Madeline and Anakin while Obi Won is confronted by an angry Amidala, demanding that he treat Dax with more respect.  All hell breaks loose as Obi Won, Amidala, Dax, Madeline, and Anakin fight to protect Lord Sego from Ducco.  In the end, the evil Sith escapes.  Obi Won accepts the marriage of Madeline and Anakin, though he secretly reveals that he's always been in love with Madeline.  The group leave Lord Sego and Lady Carrie who tearfully bid a farewell to Madeline, telling her that her marriage to a former slave will prevent her return to their household.

Fairen the Swordsman
Leia takes Luke, Lando, and Han back to Alderaan where she reunites with Morta, then confronts her troubled feelings for her adoptive mother now that she can see Madeline.  Meanwhile, while working on a Rebel mission, Wizera is kidnapped by the mysterious Fairen.  He tells her that he has no interest in the Rebellion, and she is amazed to see him communicate with ghosts.  Lordra appears and shocks Wizera when he tells her that Fairen is his half brother and the ghosts on his ship are Marlena, Fairen's wife,  Lily and Liam, his children, whom Lordra has killed.  Lordra kidnaps Wizera, who manages to help Fairen get away.  Fairen summons Wizra and Wanda who help Wizera to escape.  Wizera returns to the Falcon, but is met by Fairen in her room.  He tells her that he is honored to call her his sister.

Double Blind
After narrowly escaping a battle with Boba Fett and his goonies, the Falcon crew notice Han acting funny.  He seduces Wizera and destroys the transporter when no one is looking.  Meanwhile, the visiting Kestra notices her father acting equally unusual.  It is discovered by Kestra that Han Solo and Boba Fett have switched bodies, the result of a blaster that struck Wizera's silver shoes.  On the Falcon, "Han" sends a message to Vader, telling him where to meet up with the crew.  He disables Wizera and tries to rape Leia, but the Falcon is picked up.  Kestra races to the scene with "Boba Fett."  During the confusion, Vader learns that Leia can now see ghosts, her Jedi powers are increasing.  Kestra instructs C3PO to create a holographic diversion which allows the Rebels to escape.  Wizera figures out the body switch and returns everything to normal.  Luke warns Leia that she has now become an even more valuable pawn to Vader than she was before.

C3PO's positronic matrix becomes faulty, so a scientist named Mavon offers to put his memory core into a new android body which appears perfectly human and contains an emotion chip.  Luke and Han wager on whether or not they can pass him off as human.  He takes on the name of Addum and quickly gains the attention of Lita.  Meanwhile, in a colony of freespirits, Wizera tries to introduce Leia to her world of carefree living, only to realize through a conversation with her father's ghost that she indeed is not as light of heart as she wants to be.  Lando flirts with Mavon to make Mica jealous as Addum and Lita's attraction grows.  Addum has a conversation with Mica about love and doubts begin to appear in his mind.  He confronts Lita about her feelings for him and his passion causes his matrix to overload.  Mavon restores C3PO to his original form and he retains no memory.  Lita is told that Addum died of a disease and the Falcon Crew leaves Hope3, somewhat heavy of heart.

Forever and Always
Lordra casts a spell on the crew, making them forget their own identities.  Using Lando and Wizera's pictures, the five organic members of the group manage to figure out their own names (Leia thinks her name is Adriana) and they decide to send out a distress call.  While waiting for help, they explore the Falcon, "Adriana" and Han concluding that they're a married couple nearing divorce due to Han perceived affair with someone named Leia.  The signal is answered by a startled Vader who tries to take advantage of the situation by brainwashing Luke.  Madeline and Obi-Won manage to enlist in the help of a Nietzchean prisoner named Maya who shows signs of Jedi skills.  Meanwhile, Wizra confronts Lordra and fights him to break the spell.  Maya helps the crew to escape and leads them in a showdown against a legion of stormtroopers.  Wizra finally lifts the curse.  Confused, Leia and Han ask Lando about the photograph of Adriana.  Maya tells Luke that colonies of Jedi exist outside of the Jeda Quadrant and the crew agrees to travel to Maya's quadrant to find them.

Child of Force
Maya's adoptived ward, Yuri is kidnapped by a band of Sith who believe he is destined to bring balance to the Force.  Unable to find the Sith alone, the crew and Maya turned to the three leaders of the Sinti Jedi Counsel, Astrid, Noam, and Ester.  While Astrid and Ester are cold to Luke and the others, Noam agrees to take a team to rescue Yuri.  They travel to Mobius and break into the Sith Palace where they are confronted by the master, Darth Zelazny and his student Darth Vashti.  C3PO and R2D2 inform Han that a Jedi ship has landed on the surface and it is revealed that Darth Vashti is actually Ester.  Using the transporter, the crew fake their own deaths and retreat back to Sinti to warn Astrid.  Noam informs her that the Falcon Crew and Maya are worthy of audience and she agrees to let them stay and hear their story.  Noam takes on Maya as his student (and possibly lover), promising not to use Yuri the way the Sith have.

On Sinti, Leia learns how to read people's minds, but finds that she can't shut off her power.  Meanwhile, Lordra attacks Wizera and offers Luke a choice; his powers, or the woman he loves.  Luke chooses Wizera and is immediately drained of all his Jedi abilities.  As Leia seeks comfort in the company of the droids, Wizera begins to doubt whether or not Luke made the right decision.  She goes to confide in Wizra, but instead encounters the ghost of her father, Wyatt.  As they talk, Wizera realizes that she feels unredeemed for past mistakes.  She boldly travels to the Ra Pyramid, realizing that Lordra is somehow manipulating her own powers of stealing energy against Luke.  She and Wizra confront the wayward wizard and Wizera realizes that he has stolen her helmet.  She gets it back and restores Luke's powers.  Meantime, Astrid announces that she is sending Noam, Maya, and Yuri back to the Jeda Quadrant with the crew, so they can establish an institution to train new Jedi.  Leia takes medication to cease the voices invading her thoughts and secretly wonders why she was so afraid to read Han's mind.  He tells her if she was untrusting before, he can't imagine what she'll be like when they get married.

The Neighbors
The crew take Maya, Yuri, and Noam to Coruscant to begin setting up the new Jedi school.  Unfortunately, Jason, Natalia, Hel, Alin, and Jackal, five mutants who've adapted to the methane atomsphere don't take kindly to anyone settling in on their planet.  They break into the Jedi building and first try to steal the droids.  When that plan fails, they settle down to talk.  Han convinces Jason that they can peacefully coexist with the Jedi, but Jackal becomes enraged and tries to take over the building and kill Yuri.  Working together, the mutants, the Falcon Crew, and the Jedi managed to stop Jackal and cast him out to the far side of the planet.  The mutants agree to work together with Noam and Maya and the Falcon Crew leave with the blessing of the ghosts of the old Jedi.

Eros Space
Love is in the air when the Ghost of the Lake agrees to cast a spell on a Rebel space station that Vader wants to take over on the day of Lando's birthday.  Leia falls in love with Wedge and promptly abandons Han who has just reunited with his sister Samara.  An inept pilot, Raimi, falls desperately for Wizera.  Both Lita and Samara fall in love with Luke and begin beating each other (and Wizera) up to win his affections.  Lando, in turn falls in love with Samara and vows to kill Luke for her.  When the Ghost of the Lake tries to make Wizera fall in love with C3PO, Wizera recognizes the plot, only too late as Imperial soldiers begin boarding the station without any resistence from the Rebel crews.  Han, Luke, and Wizera, the only people unaffected by the spell fight a losing battle against the stormtroopers until they manage to catch the Ghost of the Lake.  Wizera learns about the spell and promptly turns it around on the stormtroopers.  Without any organization, Vader is forced to retreat.  Luke makes the Ghost of the Lake remove the spell, although strangely enough, it seems that Wedge's love for Leia wasn't a part of the spell.  As Lando celebrates his birthday, marveling at the power of love, Leia tells Han that she feels like their relationship needs a break.  Broken hearted, Han gives Leia her way.

The Champion
The crew are sent to escort Princess Revkah and her attendent Pietro to a nearby system.  While they pick up their passengers on a drift, Wizera and Luke encounter Lorne, a man from Wizera's evil past who can read a person's fortune by hearing them sing.  He runs a Kareoke bar.  He warns them that the princess will be trouble and sure enough, Revkah and Pietro soon try to steal the ship.  It is revealed that they are brother and sister, con artists conning people across the quadrant.  They wanted to out-fox their idol, Han Solo.  The crew decide to proceed as planned, but a group of monks appear demanding to speak with their "goddess" Revkah.  Han forces Revkah to confess to the monks that she's been conning them and they retaliate by killing Pietro.  Han askes Lorne what he should do and Lorne tells him that he must act as Revkah's champion.  Han stands up for Revkah and both of them are arrested and taken to the monks' moon Gaknar where Han is forced to wrestle an AI and carry weights on his back to prove Revkah's innocence.  Leia sends Lando to try and help, but he gets caught and for the final trial, the monks demand that Han shoot his friend.  Luke manipulates Han empathically to shoot and C3PO beams Lando away just in time.  Han passes the test and he and Revkah return to the ship, Revkah finally prepared to face trial for impersonating a princess.  She tries to advance on Han, but he tells her his heart is taken.  Meanwhile, Lorne warns Wizera that there's great darkness in Luke's future.

Equilibrium (Parts 1-2)
In a desperate attempt to get Wizera to come back to the Ra Pyramid, Lordra attacks Luke and kills him, turning him into a Ra.  While each member of the crew deals with their grief in their own way, the new, undead Luke takes over the Death Star, including Vader and the Emperor, after his attempts to seduce Wizera fail.  The crew are taken aboard the Death Star, but held in guest quarters under armed guard.  Luke tries again to seduce Wizera, but when she refuses, he orders Vader to lock her up.  Instead, Vader takes Wizera to the Emperor who begs her to undo Lordra's spell.  Meanwhile, Han and Leia escape and end up in a firefight, only to be saved by Leia's stormtrooper ex, Vaska.  Luke punishes Vader and the Emperor for going behind his back as Wizera and Lando end up in a fight, suddenly rescued by Adriana.  As Wizra explains, when the Ra Family creates a new force of evil, the Powers That Be balance the scales by bringing forth a power of good, in this case, Adriana Solo.  Luke's powers show signs of flux and it is determined that unless he kills someone in cold blood, he'll become unstable.  He tries to kill Adriana (who he thinks is named Adria) but fails.  The crew run for their lives, being stalled for by Vader.  In a moment of crisis, Han proposed to Leia.  She accepts.  The Falcon blasts out with Adria onboard.  Luke attacks Wizera, but she uses her helmet to drain the dark energy out of him.  Balance is restored, but Adria is still alive.  As the crew travels to Noam's Jedi school to deposite Adria, still a stranger to all but Lando and Wizera, Lordra rejoices in the fact that his plan worked.  He put evil energy into Wizera.

The Forgiving
The crew are sent to a camp for the survivor's of Naboo in search of a mythical artifact, the Thanagarian Crown.  They discover that Gerty and Alec are already in the camp, searching for the Crown and have killed several of the survivors for witholding information.  A fight ensues and Leia is wounded.  Luke and Han carry her off, seeking refuge with an elderly couple while Wizera and Lando find themselves in a dump where the Crown is supposedly hidden.  They both inhale the industrial fumes and become dellusional, but continue searching, Wizera now being haunted by a vision of Warren, a man from her past.  Leia discovers that the elderly couple protecting her are actually Sego and Carrie, Madeline's disapproving parents.  Gerty shows up and Han sacrifices himself to protect Luke and Leia.  Sego makes a disparaging remark to Luke about Jedi and both Obi Won and Madeline scold Luke, who's been timid of using his powers or going near Wizera since his Ra experience.  Meanwhile, Wizera discovers that the phantom Warren haunting her is actually corporeal and she demands the Crown of him.  He gives it to her.  Luke and Leia race to Han's rescue, Luke finally tapping into the Force again.  The crew reunites and Wizera tells them that the Crown doesn't exist.  She secretly gives it to Wizra, revealing that it is actually the Lapis Helmet of W.  Whilte Madeline secretly forgives her parents, Luke and Wizera forgive each other and embrace again.

Status Quo
The Emperor's fleet storms a small villa, kidnapping Insa Clay.  Immediately, a Rebel spy informs Mon Mothma.  She summons the Falcon Crew and sends them on a rescue mission, explaining that Insa is actually her daughter, put into hiding years ago after Mon Mothma witnessed the slaughter of Mace Windu by Vader.  With Dax and Amidala joining them, the crew set off for the Death Star, purposely being captured.  While Vader interogates them, including a somewhat nervous Luke, Dax and Amidala try to rescue Insa.  Insa knocks them out and makes a break for it.  Dax, Ami, and the crew are rounded into a carbonite freezing chamber but Wizera blows a pipe, allowing everyone to escape in the chaos.  She, meanwhile, pretends to be dead, blasted by a gold concentrated particle beam.  Luke pretends to mourn over her body while the others recover Insa, who reveals that she does not want to return to her mother who abandoned her as a baby.  Soldiers arrive and Ami fends them off while Han and Lando take Insa to safety.  Soon after, Dax, Luke, Leia, and Wizera arrive to save her.  Dax incapacitates Vader and as they run to escape, Vader swears to Wizera that Luke, Leia, or Dax will turn to the Dark Side within a year.  The Rebels get Insa back to Hope3 where she reunites with Mon Mothma.  Meanwhile, Leia confesses to Han about Obi Won and Madeline's existence on the Falcon and Wizera wonders about the dark power invading her helmet, leaving everyone a little ill at ease.

Child's Play
While docking on an advanced Rebel engineering station, a transporter accident turns the members of the Falcon Crew into children who maintain adult intellect.  Trouble immediately erupts when Vader's ship attacks the station.  While the stormtroopers begin transporting the engineers to the trilithium mines on a moon's surface and Vader tries to strong arm Captain Arden into giving him computer access, the children Falcon crew run through the station, transporting stormtroopers into a force field prison.  Vader soon realize what's happened when he captures Wizera, then Han masquerading as Arden's son.  He threatens to kill all the children unless Leia, Luke, and Lando step forward, which they do.  C3PO transports the crew to safety and they in turn rescue the captain before launching a torpedo which throws Vader's ship into a tailspin and strands Vader and his men on the station just as a fleet of lancers arrives to take back the station.  The crew are restored and despite Luke's strong warnings, Vader and his men are taken prisoner and transported to a Rebel station for POWs.

A Noble Treasure
Leia and Luke set off in the Falcon, after dropping Han, Lando, and Wizera on a drift, intent on meeting with Mon Mothma to express to her the dangers of keeping Vader in captivity.  Along they way, they encounter a wounded Rebel pilot and take him to a waystation for medical treatment.  On the station, Blane Solo sees the Falcon and takes Luke and Leia hostage, intent on using the ship to locate a treasure.  He injects nanobots into the siblings, linking them to an agonizer which causes immense pain at the touch of a button.  From there, he orders them to fly to the Corillia system so he can meet with an information dealer.  Despite the warnings Luke gives that the Falcon will be arrested by Lisse's soldiers, they go and Blane gets his information.  Corillian soliders chase them out of the system and Luke manages to take control of the ship.  They force Blane to reveal what his treasure is, a legendary ship called the Enkidu carrying nova bombs, weapons capable of destroying entire stars.  The trio go to Mos Eisly to meet Blane's next contact and end up being chased out of the system by the Corillian soldiers and Boba Fett.  They find the mysterious ship and quickly learn the original crew was massacred by a race called the Hajin'na who are still present.  The priestess kills the Corillians and forces Luke and Boba Fett into physical combat for the nova bombs.  Luke wins through fair play and is given two bombs which he immediately destroys.  The trio return to pick up Han, Lando, and Wizera only to receive news that Vader has escaped and begun slaughtering Rebels in the prison camp.

Warning Signs
The crew travel to Apsu where a riot and jailbreak are already in progress.  Luke asks Wizera to mask his aura and Leia's so that Vader won't know they're coming.  The crew set off toward the prison camp, encountering Lysander along the way.  He explains that the prisoners have taken over the compound and are using civilians who happened to be in the area as hostages.  Suddenly, both Luke and Leia turn invisible.  Wizera's spell has gone wrong.  Before anything can be done to fix it, the prisoners attack, dragging the crew back to the camp where they meet with Vader.  Luke and Leia provide enough distraction for Lysander and Han to get away and free the civilians and Captain Celine Marco.  Vader tries to hit Lando with a can of paint, but Luke gets in the way.  The paint is splattered over him and Vader is able to see him.  Faking an injury, Wizera and Luke return to the Falcon with Vader and Luke escapes.  Vader attacks Wizera, stabbing her through the chest.  Angrily, she forces him into an escape pod and launches him into space.  Meanwhile, Han leads the civilians back to the ship, discovering that one of them is Serena, Lysander's wife.  Lando, Celine, and Lysander trick the prisoners into surrendering by impersonating Vader.  Wizra undoes the damage of Wizera's spell and the crew find Leia, injured after taking a shot for Han.  With Lysander, the crew return the civilians home.

Your Daughter's Hand
The crew travel to Alderaan in order for Han to fulfill Leia's request and ask her mother Queen Ewura Esi for her consent to their marriage.  While docking, Luke picks up Wizera's helmet and accidentally shoots a beam at Madeline's ghost, causing a dimensional shift that replaces her with a young Jedi Madeline from another universe.  Lost and confused, the new Madeline runs away before Wizera can fix the problem.  With Obi Won following her, Madeline quickly learns of the horrors ruling over this new universe.  Meanwhile, Han and Lando receive a shock when they learn that Empress Lisse is also a guest of the Queen.  After hearing of the Falcon crew's intentions during their visit, Lisse begins to fill the Queen with tales of how horrible Han is and how Leia shouldn't be allowed to socialize with him.  Her plan works and the Queen speaks with Leia, telling her she ought to find new friends.  Luke and Wizera meet up with Madeline again, but before they can send her back, the three of them are captured by Trelane, Lisse's attendent, and locked in the hold of her ship, along with Lando.  Lisse meanwhile tortures Han and sends Leia a randsome note.  Leia orders C3PO to beam Madeline out when Lisse opens her door to receive randsome.  Once free, Madeline races back to the scene, attracting the attention of the Queen who follows.  Lisse holds Leia and the Queen at gunpoint, but Madeline manages to force Trelane to unlock the ship.  Han comes racing to the rescue and together with Madeline defeats Lisse and Trelane.  Ewura Esi finally consents to the marriage of Han and Leia and goes a step further to knight all the members of the Falcon Crew, making them legal citizens of Alderaan.  The new Madeline is sent home and the old ghost returns to watch the ceremony.