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The Falcon Crew
The Jeda Quadrant
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Beyond Star Wars!

Everyone knows how the story of the Star Wars movies goes. But no one ever stopped to consider the possibility of a 5000 year old sorceress, adventures in alternate universes, or two cocky ghosts who consistantly save the day. This is the Jeda Quadrant, an RPG that opened the doorway of possibilities to the Star Wars legends.

This site tells the story of the Falcon Crew, a band of five Rebels, two droids, and two ghosts living in the Star Wars Universe who time and time again over-came the odds, only to find victory just beyond their reach. On the Millenium Falcon, a Corillian junkbucket, these individuals faced dangers, horrors, and confrontations on a regular basis, as well as tasting love, victory, and power. Though for the Rebel Alliance, where there is life there is hope, for the Falcon Crew, where there is friendship there is hope. Where there is hope, there is life.

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

The Millenium Falcon