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The Falcon Crew
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Beyond the Jeda Quadrant
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Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

The Mirror Universe

The Mirror Universe is a parallel universe that often makes contact with "our" universe. The people in this universe are exact duplicates of the people in the Mirror Universe, but with polar opposite personalities. The Falcon Crew has made contact with this world twice. The first time, they observed a world moving at a much quicker pace. A Katarian of their aquintance, Lita Cater, was the Empress of a tyrannical government. In this world, Anakin Skywalker was a good man, still married to Madeline Skywalker and the two of them were childless slaves. The second time the Falcon Crew ventured into the Mirror Universe, they discovered a struggle for power between two factions (Mirror Dengar and Mirror Mica) as a result of the death of Mirror Lita. Mirror Madeline and Mirror Anakin were now parents of twins, Mirror Leia, who by contrast to the regular Leia was cocky and snobbish, and Mirror Luke, who by contrast to the regular Luke was aggressive and spiteful. Though deaths and other events in our universe do not affect the people in the Mirror Universe, it is believed that continued contact with this Universe will eventually lead to converging of the two worlds.


Earth is a small M-Class planet in the Alpha Quadrant where the crew first met Wizera. The primary species of Earth is human, but the Ra Family dominate certain regions of the countries Egypt, Belize, Mexico, and Nubia. Earth is one of the founding planets of a collective known as the United Federations of Planets, a confederation of worlds reaching all the way from the Alpha Quadrant to the Delta Quadrant. The Falcon Crew have, on several occasions, come into contact with Federation starships. Wizera lived on Earth for 4999 years (more or less) and she often describes the planet as "the only place in the Universe that is both dreary and exciting at the same time."

Unity Moon

In a pocket of space, outside of Hoth, there exists a habitable moon called Unity Moon by its inhabitants. It is believed that the pocket of space containing the moon was caused by a collapsing black hole and sucked in the moon from Hoth's orbit around 300 years ago. Ships that fly into the pocket almost never return. This most likely explains the inhabitants of Unity Moon. This is a place where people, thrust together by circumstances they can't control, have learned to get along. Rebels and Stormtroopers drawn into the grasp of Unity Moon quickly forget their conflicts and learn to live together in peace, thus explaining the name of the moon. The people valued their co-existance above all else and were distrubed when the Falcon Crew upset the balance of their harmonious society. Within the rural areas of the moon, exist factions seeking to escape Unity Moon, but for the most part the people are content to remain their for the rest of their natural lives.

The Nexus

The Nexus is an energy ribbon that drifts across the Universe at such a speed that it passes through the Jeda Quadrant once every eighty years. Though most ships that meet with this ribbon become crushed by the energy, the Falcon once actually flew into the ribbon. Inside the ribbon, matter and energy, time and space, are all distorted to an individual's will. The El-Aurin's described the Nexus as "pure joy" or a reality in which everything is ideal for an individual. For example, while in the Nexus, Lando Calrissian found himself living in a world where Susan was his wife and there was no war. Meanwhile, Wizera found herself as a 16 year old again, living on W with her parents and friends. Individuals caught up in the Nexus can meet one another, only if they are looking for each other. Leaving the Nexus is as simple as a wish, and an individual can exit in any time or place he or she desires. The psychological effects of the Nexus depend on the strength and will of an individual. Leaving it can become a torture for some, while others are glad to return to a reality where they're not virtual gods.

The Lake

The Lake is a large body of water located in the western hemisphere of Degoba. Though deep, the bottom of The Lake actually serves as an entrance to what can only be described as an afterlife. The spirit of every single person who ever died because of murder dwells under this large, ever expanding body of water. The "devil figure" that controls those in The Lake is known only as the Ghost of the Lake. This ghost appears in the form of a middle-aged female. While willing to interact with citizens of the living world, the Ghost of the Lake is very strict in her control of the citizens of her world. When Luke and Wizera met Madeline in The Lake, they had to help her escape because the Ghost of the Lake refused to allow Madeline to leave. It should be noted that the majority of Jedi who die in action are able to allude entrance into The Lake due to their physical connection with the Force. People who go through near-death experiences retain no memory of The Lake.