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The Falcon Crew
Meet the Crew
The Jeda Quadrant
Meet the Crew
About the Ship
The Rebel Alliance
Forces of the Empire
The Force
Beyond the Jeda Quadrant
Past Adventures

What is a ship? An empty shell of metal. What is a crew? That which gives the ship a soul.

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Captain Han Solo

Han Solo is the leader of the Falcon Crew. He was born on the crime-infested planet of Corillia where he made a name for himself, running small-time smuggling operations with friends Lando, Lone Starr, Ardra, and Chewbaca. While in serious debt to druglord Jabba the Hutt, he ran a transport mission for Luke Skywalker and Obi-Won Kenobi that brought him headfirst into the middle of the Rebellion. Though initially resistant to any not-for-profit enterprise, he finally decided to remain in the Rebellion when he fell in love with Princess Leia. Han is 30 years and is the primary pilot of the Millenium Falcon, the ship he won off of Lando in a card game. He was raised by adoptive parents Blane and Moyra Solo. Han is a skilled pilot and a meatball engineer in his own right who values his independence and wit.

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Princess Leia Organa

Princess Leia Organa grew up on Alderaan, raised by her adoptive mother Queen Ewura Esi. At a young age, she ran for office and was elected to the Imperial Senate in hopes of improving life for the people of the Jeda Quadrant. She grew sympathetic to the Rebel cause, despite Alderaan's proclamation of neutrality. When the Imperial Senate was dissolved, Leia became a cell leader for the Rebellion, working closely with Mon Mothma. She met Han Solo and Luke Skywalker while being held captive on the first Death Star. While initially resentful of Solo, she grew to love him. Leia was shocked to learn that Luke was actually her twin brother, and while she refused to accept the reality of her family situation, she is beginning to acknowledge it as a reality. Leia is the navigator of the Millenium Falcon. She has the potential to become a powerful Jedi, but has elected to wait until the conflict in the Quadrant ends before beginning training. Leia is vastly intelligent, but at times naive.

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Commander Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker was raised by his aunt and uncle on a moisture vaporator farm on Tatoonie before fate swept his way. A chance meeting with Obi-Won Kenobi and Han Solo wisked him into the world of the Jeda Quadrant War. Luke was training to become a Jedi Knight when he first discovered that his father was Darth Vader, an Imperial enemy and Sith lord. Although Luke is vastly powerful in the ways of the Force, he is a liability because of his parentage and his inability to hide his emotions. Luke and the rest of the crew met Wizera during another ploy by Darth Vader to capture them and turn Luke to the Dark Side. Luke and Wizera fell in love, much to the dismay of both Kenobi and Vader. Luke is the weapons specialist of the Falcon crew and he's the secondary pilot due to his Jedi fast reflexes. As a person, Luke is brave, but not as strong as his twin, Leia.

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Madeline Skywalker

Madeline Skywalker, born Madeline Oksis on Naboo, grew up in a sheltered family structure. At the age of 15 she left her suburban home and moved to the capital of Naboo. There, she defriended Queen Amidala and her handmaidens. In addition, Madeline met up with Jedi who recognized her potential to wield the Force and provided her with off-the-book training. She eventually fell in love and married a young Jedi apprentice named Anakin Skywalker. Their union was short-lived. Anakin fell to the Dark Side of the Force the very same day Madeline learned that they would be expecting their first child. Anakin disappeared and became Darth Vader while Madeline gave birth to twins, Luke and Leia. When the Emperor learned of the birth of the twins, he sent Vader to kill all the Skywalkers. Instead, only Madeline died for Obi-Won Kenobi managed to protect her childre. She was only 29 years old. Madeline's spirit remained trapped in The Lake for many years until a chance meeting with Luke and Wizera allowed her to escape. Madeline exists now on the mortal plane, often comforting and aiding Luke and Wizera in their many victories and defeats. She longs for the day when Leia will begin Jedi training, so that they two of them may finally be reunited. Madeline's inner strength reverberates in Leia's spirit, while Madeline's openess lives inside of Luke.

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This is C3PO, human cyborg relations. Three-pee-oh, as he is lovingly referred to as, was constructed in a slave colony on Tatoonie, many years before Palpatine's rise to power. It is believed that he was created by Anakin Skywalker himself, although C3PO himseld does not remember much about his early years of life. He was passed from master to master until he eventually fell into the hands of the Rebellion. When the ship he was on was attacked, C3PO returned to Tatoonie where he met Luke Skywalker, who he officially belongs to now. C3PO has seen a great deal of battle in his time, yet he's never grown accustomed to it. Constantly complaining and always pointing out over-whelming odds, this protocol droid is fluent in over six million languages, making him an essential part of the Falcon Crew. He prefers to spend his time helping Wizera in her special engineering room and shudders at the thought of Imperial entanglements. Yet for all of his moaning and complaining, C3PO secretly knows that he's where he belongs.

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Lieutenant Wizera

Wizera is a 5000 year old creature from a long dead world called W. She lived her teenage years as a rebel against societal conventions, costing herself the ability to have children. She was married at 16, but died shortly thereafter, only to have her corpse re-animated by a group of powerful beings known as the Ra Family. Wizera married once more and spent much of her immortal life questing for power. She met Luke while attempting to aid Darth Vader. The two fell in love and Wizera left her husband (Lordra) to live on the Falcon with Luke. Wizera is a free-spirit whose youth afforded her a great deal of sexual experience and fierce self-expression. She is incredibly powerful, with the ability to shift matter and energy, but restrains her powers in a promise to Luke.


Captain Lando Calrissian

Lando Calrissian was born on the crime-infested world of Corillia. For a while he ran jobs for Jabba the Hutt and other druglords along with Han Solo, Lone Starr, Ardra, and Chewbaca, but he tired of that life and returned to Corillia. There he fell in love with a woman named Susan, but on the night he intended to propose to her, she was killed. Lando worked as baron of Cloud City for several years before a forced betrayal of Han led him to join the Rebellion. Lando is a skilled engineer with significant combat experience. He is 30 years old and quiet by nature, made shy by his many failures.

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Obi-Won Kenobi

Little is known about the past of the mysterious Obi-Won Kenobi. He became a Jedi at a very young age under the watchful eye of his master Qui-Gon Jinn. He promised the dying master that he would train a mysterious boy named Anakin in the ways of the Force. This turned disasterous when Anakin went over to the Dark Side and killed his wife Madeline. Obi-Won, under the name of Ben, hid for many years as the Jedi were slaughtered one by one, until a chance meeting with Luke Skywalker, Anakin's son. Kenobi helped to involve Luke and Han Solo in the Rebellion before he was slain by Vader. His spirit exists on the mortal plane now, as he continues to teach the ways of the Force to Luke.

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R2D2 is a repair droid with an attitude. Originally part of the Naboo Defense System, R2D2 has been passed from owner to owner since the earliest days of the Rebellion. He's spent so much time with C3PO that the two of them are virtually counterparts. R2 has a noticable fondness for Luke, for it was because of "this little droid" that young Skywalker became involved with the Rebellion in the first place.